Pioneering experts in nerve repair and extremity reanimation at The Center for Neurophysiology and Restorative Neurology at UC San Diego offer hope to victims of paralysis with new treatments and procedures.

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The UCSD Center for Neurophysiology and Restorative Neurology is the only program of its kind in the United States. Our expert team focuses on restoring function and quality of life for patients suffering from neurological injuries (brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve injuries) and conditions including nerve entrapment disorders and nerve tumors. Leading edge diagnostics are coupled with innovative procedures to restore movement and eliminate pain.

Restoring Movement to Victims of Paralysis

Dr. Justin Brown, neurosurgeon and pioneer in neruoreanimation is interviewed on KUSI San Diego and discusses current breakthrough treatments in nerve repair, extremity reanimation and the prognosis for reversing paralysis where nerve and spinal cord injuries have occurred.