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Pawel P. Jankowski, M.D.

Please find Dr. Jankowski's CV here.



  • University of Idaho - B.S. Molecular Biology/Biochemistry with Honors

Medical School:

  • University of Washington School of Medicine

Current Research Projects:

  • Evaluating efficacy of brain tissue oxygen monitoring on predicting vasospasm. With start-up grant support from Integra Neuroscience
  • Retrospective review of wrong level spine surgery before and after institution of intra-operative spinal time-out


Jankowski PP, Baird LC, Keshavarzi S, Goolsby ME, Taylor, WR, Nguyen AD. A case of a single spinal lesion arising from an intradural meningioma contiguous with an extradural lymphoma. Journal of Neurosurgery:Spine. Accepted with revisions

Jankowski PP, Baird LC, Keshavarzi S, Hansen K, Taylor W. Minimally invasive emergent decompression for cauda equina syndrome. European Spine Journal. Submission under review  

Bobola MS, Jankowski PP, Gross ME, Schwartz J, Finn LS, Blank A, Ellenbogen RG, Silber JR. Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonuclease is inversely associated with response to radiotherapy in pediatric ependymoma. International Journal of Cancer. 2011. Nov 15;129(10):2370-9. 

Keshavarzi S, Masoumi H, Jankowski PP, Macdougall M, Lulic D, Hansen L, Ciacci JD. Reluctant hydrocephalus. Neuropathology. 2010.Jun;30(3):299-301.

Mikheev AM, Stoll EA, Mikheeva SA, Maxwell JP, Jankowski PP, Ray S, Uo T, Morrison RS, Horner PJ, Rostomily RC. A syngeneic glioma model to assess the impact of neural progenitor target cell age on tumor malignancy. Aging Cell. 2009.Aug;8(4):499-501.

Jankowski PP, Krishna PH, Rutledge JC, Waldhausen J, Avellino AM. Surgical management and outcome of scalp granuloma annulare in children. Neurosurgery. 2008.Nov;63(5):1002.


“Ap-Endo Activity Contributes to Resistance in Ependymomas”  Western Medical Student Research Forum, Carmel, CA, February 2006



B.S.  Molecular Biology/Biochemistry with Honors, University of Idaho