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Mihir Gupta M.D.



  • Howard Hughes Medical Research Fellow
  • M.D. Stanford
  • A.B. Harvard

Recent Contributions to the Literature

Ji L, Gupta M, Feldman BJ. Vitamin D regulates fatty acid composition in subcutaneous adipose tissue through Elovl3. Endocrinology. (Submitted)

Valverde Y, Benson B, Gupta M, Gupta K. Spinal glial activation and oxidative stress are alleviated by treatment with curcumin or coenzyme Q in sickle mice. Haematologica. (Submitted)

Gupta M, Thompson S, Gupta K, Abrams DI. Cannabis in the Treatment of Pain in Sickle Cell Disease. Journal of Sickle Cell Disease and Hemoglobinopathies. (Submitted)

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Gupta M, Miller CJ, Baker JV, Lazar J, Bogner JR, Calmy A, Soliman EZ and Neaton JD, for the INSIGHT SMART Study Group. Biomarkers and Electrocardiographic Evidence of Myocardial Ischemia in Patients With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection. American Journal of Cardiology. 111(5): 760-4. 2013.

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Gupta M. AIDS at the Margin: Experiences and lessons from marginalized groups in India (Part II). The National Medical Journal of India. 22(3): 98-100. 2009.

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Ice hockey ; Downhill skiing ; Spanish literature