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SURG 410:

Introduction to Neurosurgery

Surg 410 is a two week long course designed for third year students interested in exploring neurosurgery as a career choice. The students will spend the two weeks at the Hillcrest site, participating in both the operating room as well as peri-operative patient care. Students are expected to attend neurosurgery grand rounds and resident didactic sessions. Weekly didactics will focus on the pertinence of neurosurgical principle to general medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, and surgery.

First Day

Students should report for rounds with the Hillcrest Neurosurgery team in the SICU at 6:00 am. The resident staff will direct you to check in with Dr. Chen's staff following rounds for additional instructions about the rotation.



SURG 401A:

Neurosurgery Specialty

Surg 401A is a four week long course embedded within the third year core general surgery rotation. The course is designed to broaden the student’s surgical exposure in terms of surgical sub-specialties. The students will spend the four weeks at the Hillcrest site as an integrated member of the neurosurgical team. Students are expected to attend neurosurgery grand rounds and resident didactic sessions. Weekly didactic will focus on the basic tenets of neurosurgery as it relates to trauma, vascular, and spine surgeries.

First Day

For your SURG-401A Surgical Specialty, please plan to report to Hillcrest SICU at 0600 where you will meet the Neurosurgery resident team. Please page the Hillcrest resident pager to check in if you are unable to locate the team.

Required Readings

For a complete list of recommended readings, please see the reading list.


Your grades will consist of two equally weighted components.

  1. Input from faculty and the clinical team in terms of your participation, operative techniques, and general neurosurgery knowledge.
  2. Your performance on the final examination. The course director will synthesize these components into a formal evaluation that will be submitted to the department of surgery.