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UCSD Brain Tumor Group Visits Tokyo Women's Medical University

Drs. Carter and Kesari visit with Drs. Muragaki and Masayuki and the Tokyo Women's Team.Dr. Bob Carter and Dr. Santosh Kesari spend the day visiting Tokyo Women's Medical Center at the 3rd Global COE symposium on Brain Tumors.  Drs. Carter and Kesari were hosted by Dr. Yoshihiro Muragaki and Dr. Nitta Masayuki of the Faculty of Advanced TechnoSurgery at TWMU.  Tokyo Women's has one of the largest programs for the treatment of brain tumors in Tokyo. 

In Japan, medical and surgical oncology are united under the purview of 'surgical neuro-oncologists' who both operate on patients and administer medical treatments including clinical trials for patients. 

Dr. Carter provided an update on tumor microvesicles as biomarkers for brain tumors and Dr. Kesari highlighted the use of personalized medicine in glioma treatment.