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 Many patients with brain tumors become involved in clinical trials.  Clinical trials are the primary way that progress is made in developing new therapies for patients with brain tumors. Major cancer centers offer a large sampling of clinical trials that a patient may participate in  depending on the type of tumor that they have and  what stage they are in in the treatment of their disease.

Many clinical trials compare the current standard practices of surgery, radiation, and basic chemotherapy with new chemotherapies or new types of treatment such as immunotherapy or viral therapy.

All clinical trials involve a comparison. Some patients will receive the standard therapy that exist today and other patients will receive a new therapy. A comparison is been made on  which group experiences the best control of their tumor and the least side effects.

At UCSD Brain Tumor Center, both surgery-based clinical trials and chemotherapy-based clinical trials are offered as well as radiation-based trials. The vast majority of patients are offered participation in a clinical trial if their disease progresses.

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