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 For patients with the planned neurosurgical removal of the tumor, often there is a preoperative evaluation phase. In the evaluation phase, you will be seen in consultation by a neurosurgeon who specializes in the removal of brain tumors. The goal of this consultation is to understand the symptoms that have produced the diagnosis and also to evaluate the patient's neurological condition and the imaging studies which provide important information about the best strategy to surgically approach and deal with the tumor. Even if an initial screening MRI has been performed, the neurosurgeon may request additional specialized MRI imaging or metabolic imaging such as a pet scan. Some patients will require a functional MRI or a magnetoencephalogram to better localize key motor and neurological functions such as speech function. By understanding where key functions are located anatomically in a given patient's cerebral tissue, this can guide the surgeon in choosing a trajectory towards the tumor that will be safe.

In addition, prior to surgery, patients are evaluated in the anesthesia preoperative evaluation clinic. A review of medications and other medical conditions is obtained and an assessment of the patient's risk for anesthetic is also obtained. Generally, this evaluation will occur just a few days prior to surgery.

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