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The length of time which a person will be out of work following surgery to remove a brain tumor can be quite variable due to differences in the location of the brain tumor and the associated risk of neurological deficits following removal of the tumor. In some patients, a return to work within 2 to 3 weeks is quite reasonable. In other patients, it may require several months before the patient fully recovers to the point of being able to return to work. And finally, in some patients, who present with difficult neurological problems, a return to work may not be possible even after successful removal of the brain tumor.

 In your preoperative evaluation, your neurosurgeon will be able to discuss with you the likely effects of the surgery, expected recovery times, and the types of activities that can be performed during the recovery. For example, it may be possible to return at a sooner time to a desk job versus a person who performs significant physical labor.

Sutures or staples that are closing the skin, are typically removed within 10 to 14 days following the surgical procedure. Prior to that time, patients are asked to keep the wound relatively dry and to avoid immersing the  wound in water. the latter restriction to keep the patient's head out of water and particularly to avoid swimming or ocean activities is extended typically for 6 to 12  weeks following the surgical procedure.

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