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The Brain Tumor and Spinal Cord Tumor Surgery Program at UCSD brings together specialists in neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, neuropathology, neuro-imaging and basic cancer research to provide the best possible brain tumor treatment for patients with benign and malignant tumors. 

A weekly tumor conference allows for multidisciplinary treatment strategies to be developed.

The Malignant Tumor Program which deals with tumors intrinsic to the substance of the brain including astrocytomas and the most aggressive form glioblastoma multiforme, has an active program of clinical trials that following surgery. 

The Benign Tumor Program encompasses the treatment of skull base tumors and meningiomas and involves significant collaboration with the Neuro-otology program and Radiation Oncology services.

Patient resources include our Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Tumors page.


Specialist caregivers in the Brain Tumor Program include:

  • Dr. David Piccioni (Neuro-oncology-Adult)
  • Dr. Pamela Jones Neurosurgery-Adult)
  • Dr. Clark Chen (Neurosurgery-Adult)
  • Dr. Hoisang U (Neurosurgery-Adult)
  • Dr. Alexander Khalessi (Neurosurgery-Adult)
  • Dr. Michael Levy (Neurosurgery-Pediatric Program)
  • Dr. John Crawford (Neuro-oncology-Pediatric Program)
  • Dr. Don Durden (Neuro-oncology-Pediatric Program)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Harris (ENT/Neuro-Otology)
  • Dr. Tom Alexander (ENT/Neuro-Otology)
  • Dr. Quyen Nguyen (ENT/Neuro-Otology)
  • Dr. Jacob Husseman (ENT/Anterior Skull Base Program)
  • Dr. Adam DeConde (ENT/Anterior Skull Base Program)
  • Dr. AJ Mundt (Radiation Oncology)
  • Dr. Kevin Murphy (Radiation Oncology)

To contact an adult brain tumor neurosurgeon (Drs. Chen or Dr. Jones) please call 619-543-5540.  Homira Feely, N.P. is one of our dedicated nurse practitioners in the program.


Research specialists whose work relates to Brain Tumors at UCSD and in collaborating institutions on the La Jolla mesa include:


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