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The UCSD Brain Tumor Conference is held on a weekly basis  and is an integral part of the UCSD Brain Tumor program.

Your materials may be transmitted to the conference by any member of our multidisciplinary team or via the Neurosurgery contact information below. 

If you have materials that you would like reviewed at our conference, please send/fax or call to arrange drop off of your materials to Lourdes Colon email: , Administrative Assistant to Dr. Bob Carter  or  Administative Assistant to Dr. Santosh Kesari


Prior to shipping any clinical materials,  please contact Lourdes Colon at  619–5435540 to inform her that your materials will be arriving.


The mailing address is: 

Brain Tumor Conference

Division of Neurosurgery

9855 Health Sciences Dr.

La Jolla, CA  92903


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