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Brain AVM Embolization is a technique to reduce the arterial flow into an arteriovenous malformation.  In a subset of patients, this can be used to cure the AVM; in most patients this prepares for another therapy such as surgical removal or radiation.

As seen below, following embolization, there is much less flow into the central portion of the AVM, the 'nidus'.  This faciliates a safer surgical removal with less risk of significant blood loss.

At the UCSD Brain Aneurysm and AVM Center,  a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons and neurointerventionalists including those who specialize in endovascular therapy approach each AVM case carefully to discuss the optimal management strategy for a given patient.  To refer a patient for evaluation in the Neurovascular conference, please call 619-543-5540 and ask for Marissa Manuel, NP for the Cerebrovascular Center who can assist you.